International Paqo Meeting 2022 in Peru

Would you like to be one of those 144 people who will prepare for the Golden Age and join in this special event?

Peru 2022. The Enlightened Couple
How many times have you dreamed of traveling to Peru? How many times have you thought that Peru is a “life-destination” for you? But, how many times have you, also, thought that you want to experience a change in your life; that you want to see things around you change, or at least, move at a faster pace, leading you closer to what you dream of. That you want to clarify the image in front of your eyes?
This trip to Peru combines all of the above. Because it is a journey where history meets dream – but it is happening now, which the writings of the traditions of the Earth have described and which they refer to as “the Age of the Enlightened Couple”.
Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado undertake to take us to unique destinations in Peru, as guides in this wonderful event. They will introduce us to what is called The Andean Prophecy.
This is a mystical journey of acquaintance with a spiritual art, beneficial for our daily life, for our health and for our mental balance. But it is also a journey that will bring us closer to “Taripay Pacha”, to the New Era, where the north will meet the south, where the once repressed high levels of consciousness will emerge; also, where, in the end, the enlightened male and the enlightened female will emerge.
The spiritual families who taught the Incas, the 12 Panacas, maintained their basic education and prepared the candidates. We now, following the formation of the number of 144 participants in this spiritual journey, all over the world, will build our own family – line, to participate in the great event of Peru. Those who want more information, contact me at or at I will be happy to give you information and discuss the details.
The only thing I can personally confirm to anyone who is interested, from experience I gained while being in Peru, was that indeed, the rhythms change after your meeting with the places you see. It will be really easier for you to distinguish the useful gems from the obstacles in your way. Peru can become the “destination of your life and your dream” for many different reasons! Trust the call you felt …
Day 1 – (Sept 3) Sacred Valley
• Arrival to Cusco, transfer to Sacred Valley, check-in at the hotel and registration. Introduction and presentation from 5pm to 7pm.
Day 2 – (Sept 4)
• Pilgrimage to Huanqa sanctuary (near Pisaq) (empowerment rituals along with all explanations needed). A traditional offering (despacho) ritual will be held on afternoon.
Day 3 – (Sept 5)
• Ritual at the Imperial Palace of Machu Picchu, where the five Inca couples of the modern Inca Empire were present. All rituals and explanations will be shared by our teachers and guides.
Day 4 – (Sept 6)
• Visit to Ollantaytambo. A lovely story of love and war, of patience and power. Rituals and explanations will be fully given by our teachers.
Day 5 – (Sept 7)
• Ritual in Moray with Pachamama, the Cosmic Mother, and then in Pachar with Mama Runtu Kayan, wife of Wiraqocha Inca (and mother of Pachakuti Inca).
Day 6 – (Sept 😎 Cuzco
• We will visit the beautiful Chinchero where we will meet a historical and mystical point of the transition of powers to the Incas.
Day 7 – (Sept 9)
• We will visit Urpi Kancha and later the place Tipon, for ritual and guidance. We will receive explanations about the well known Huaskar Inca and we will have the chance to work energetically building the New Era.
Day 8 – (Sept 10)
• We will visit the famous and important Qori Qocha, known as the enlightenment place of the Inca Pachacuti. Important place, important rituals to do…
Day 9 – (Sept 11)
• City of Cuzco, working with the Puma of the Kay Pacha and the Frog of the Uju Pacha (the world we live in and the inner world). A little more about the Panacas with the rituals of the day.
Day 10 – (Sept 12)
• We will visit beautiful Pumamarca in order to build our inner power visiting the strong and powerful connections of the Incas and the Qollas of the past.
Day 11 – (Sept 13)
• The place of manifestation, is Urcos, and here we will be guided to the sixth level of consciousness, participating in the coronation ceremony of the Inca and the Qolla. Temple of Wiraqochan.
Day 12 – (Sept 14)
• This is the last day of the Enlightenment Couple event.
Travel Dates & Prices
Arrival: – Sept 3, 2022 in the afternoon (in Cusco)
End: – Sept 14, 2022 in the morning (in Cusco)
Participation fee: – US $2,960 per person (+ bank fees)
Included in the price:
• Hotels in the Sacred Valley and Cusco – Sept 3 (evening), until Sept 14 (morning).
• Hotel room to share with your partner or a person of the same gender, half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner). *Please see below for own room supplement
• All entrance fees and bus rides to the sacred sites.
• Hotel room and breakfast in Cusco from 13 to 14 September
Not included in the Price:
• Flights
• Travel from the airport to the hotel (and return)
• *Own room supplement – please add $500 to your payment to Ivan (in Peru)
• Food not included on Sept 3
• Drinks for lunch and dinner as well as voluntary tips
• Dinners. Please consider around US $30 per day for food and drinks
Reservation & Payment
I will take care of the organisation for one royal lineage and I’m looking for eleven more people to join me. Participation is possible for single travellers as well as for couples. You do not have to be a Paqo to join this group, but it is helpful to have a little understanding of the Andean tradition. I can help you with that.
If you’d like to join me, let me know by e-mail (, ) so that I can put you on the list. In order to secure your place with me, please pay a non-refundable deposit of 400 euro per person within 5 days of booking. The residual amount is to be paid directly to Ivan before March 30, 2022. Details upon request.
Please note:
In case we are not able to achieve our goal of attracting 144 participants for this event, this is not a sufficient reason for a free-of-charge cancellation. This spiritual journey will be carried out in any case as described above.