2023 could be your Year!

Following three steps we answer to the questions: “who do I not want to be?” – “what don’t I need anymore?” – “how will I get where I want to go?”

With the practice of the most ancient tradition of the Andes, in three intensive events, 2023 can become the year of the Total Restart.

In March, the 1st step takes place in Athens. With the teaching of the Kawsay Puryi tradition, one of the oldest traditions preserved as it is, without innovations, the keys will be given to begin the process of the meeting with our Self.

In June, the 2nd step, takes place in Attica and the Aegean with a grand visit (information soon). The  Hatun Karpay in Greece, will unlock the doors in order to walk, free from the restrictive conditions we set.

In September, the 3rd step takes place in Peru. Here, the meeting with our new Self will take place. Every initiation journey to Peru results in great changes, and this Hatun Karpay will follow the path of Munay.

Instructors: Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado.


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