Do it Like a Paqo is a series of courses of the «Incas Tradition School in Hellas», by DivineNEKTAR.
It is a series of 1-hour (online) courses, which aim to introduce us to the practical – therapeutic life of the Paqos in Peru, in a simple, easy and enjoyable way.
The courses are mainly aimed at people who have already acquired the knowledge of the Andean tradition, but some of them can be also attended by anyone who wishes.
Our teachers are the most authentic teachers of the Andean tradition, who in a completely practical and experiential way will show us how:
– We really communicate with Apus and Nustas, developing a dialogue.
– We develop a meaningful relationship with our star.
– We accompany the person who is ready to leave this life
– We face death, the passage of the soul
– We organize a ceremony for every occasion
– We clean our space energetically
– We protect our energy field
– We realize what we wish
– We heal with a despacho
– We heal (from causes we can actually cure)
– We remove heavy energies from a person
– We work with Teqse Apus separately
– We approach pregnancy or birth therapeutically and energetically

– … and many other issues from the way of life that the Guardians of the Tradition follow.


DivineNEKTAR has the honor to collaborate with the best teachers of the Andean tradition, and that means collaborating with those who have chosen to follow the path of Truth, and Authenticity. Do it Like A Paqo lessons will be taught by the best teachers and this is a guarantee for the knowledge we will gain. We start our courses with Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza, one of the most known healers and teachers of the tradition.
The courses last one hour and will be held once a month. A few days before, the title of the course will be announced, so that participants will have the opportunity to send their questions.
The cost of the courses is 50 euros each, and you can now send us an email for your participation, so that you can be informed about the courses immediately.
At the end of the course-cycle, participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they wish (please, use for any question, or for expression of interest, the email addresses: and ).
Be sure that each topic will be fully covered, without gaps and without shortcomings, because, at DivineNEKTAR, we too are mainly… students!

1st class 06/July

We will learn how to build a true interactive communication with the apus and the nustas – how to speak but also listen to the voice of nature and guidance.
It is the first step to a strong relationship and a strong friendship with Nature.
with Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza