Training in the paths of the Mystic and the Heart

Phana Hatun Karpay (the Mystical)

June 22 – July 1, 2023

with Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado


see the daily schedule here:  HATUNkarpayHELLAS2023


The training in two traditional experiential “paths” of the Andean worldview: the Path of Mystic – where we become partakers of the miracle of Life and open ourselves to a dialogue with the world, with all our energy centers – and the Path of the Heart, where the heart it is perceived as power, to be able to implement and decide from a framework of certainty.

The traditional Great Initiation (Hatun Karpay) ritual of the Andes, follows, as preserved by the Incas. They are experiential practices of awakening and rememberance, taking place in selected power places (see program). A mystery, which this year comes to meet the ancient Greek mysteries.





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