Freedom means “to be able to go wherever you love to be” (anc.Gr. Eléftho + ero)

In order to be able to “be where you love”, you need to do a liberating act to get away from what we -rarely put into practice, although we very often talk about: constant trauma on a physical, mental or emotional level, has become regime – which causes familiarity, so that we rarely take radical measures to solve the matter completely.
The result is that we live in survival mode, coexisting with the trauma.
The therapist knows about this, because it is his raw material to be able to understand the pain of others. But in order to DEAL with the pain of others, he must understand what causes trauma to himself, and what heals it. The root trauma can be reinforced by the events of the present: fear, loss, tolerance of disparaging situations… all these in the “survival mode” act as a confirmation of the trauma. Trauma is not bypassed or uprooted. Any attempt to uproot it is like snuffing out smoke: it will always escape, creating new branches.
The therapist who knows how to deal with this situation is the one who can understand the cause – that is, what feeds the trauma, and what helps it survive and assert itself. He, above all, who will not deal with the symptoms, but with the root causes that create them. Because the symptom is at the first level, at which treatments are most often aimed – which nevertheless do not solve the issue. They don’t “liberate”.

*** IN THIS INTENSIVE SEMINAR we will try to get to the root of our problems, because WE WILL BE BASED ON THE REAL PROBLEMS OF THSE PARTICIPANTS IN THE GROUP, unfolding the traditional healing techniques of the Andes, an ancient tradition that has endured for centuries. The two teachers and healers WILL ADDRESS THE ALREADY EXISTING ISSUES OF THE CIRCLE TO TEACH THROUGH THEM.

*** Through this intensive 40+ hour seminar, we ask for group but above all individual liberation: The healer who frees himself, is now able to heal others, stronger, more strengthened, having understood, HAVING REPLACED THE POISON, WITH HONEY.

*** The trauma is the motivation to experience its great transformation, through its own dynamics. Then, the trauma (mental, physical, mental, emotional) becomes the very force to build the new, the healthy, the light.

* Friday 17.00 – 21.30
* Saturday & Sunday 10.00 – 18.30 (with a midday break).

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