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” … The message of the Andean Tradition is another language – it is the language of Prophecy. The provision comes through knowledge, through science. But emotions can predict something similar. When you project your feelings to the past, you produce mythology. When you project into the future, you produce Prophecy – not predictions. Our prophecy is regarding the arrival of the golden age, which will occur when the three children of God will perform ayni. The three children of God are the westerners (knowledge holders), the descendants of the dynasty of the Incas (holders of munay, emotions) and the third child is the common people of Peru (holders of action, llankay). The prophecy mentions that the moment you incorporate the three powers, then the golden age begins. Prophecy and prediction are two ways to see the future – one way is based on feelings and intuition, and the other is based on facts. Some believe that the prophecy does not apply, but there are others who believe that the provisions do not apply. There are people who pull anti-scientific movements, believing that science creates problems, saying that “we must get rid of our heads and return to our heart,” -you’ve heard this. We make a statement: there is no need to believe that. You need your emotions and you need your thoughts – carry your feelings and your thoughts with you, in order to develop correct actions.
The prophecy of the return of the Inca tells us that in the future, the holders of the three forces, the three children of God, will make ayni – they will join the three forces and will possess them all. So if you want to see that, the prophecy talks about the future and is about a person, a citizen of the future who will be the holder of knowledge, feelings and actions. So, only if you reach this level you will be able to observe what future requires. The top level of development of yachay (intellectual knowledge) is to think like a scientist – the top level development of munay (Love and will) is to be the holder of your munay, Love – the top level development of llankay (action) is to put your action under your power, being holder of your action. So each of the paths of the Andean Tradition, gives one of the pieces we need in order to become the citizens of the future “.

don Juan Núñez del Prado

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