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We hear this question quite often. People like ours, the Greek people, have an ancient history that goes back on numbers and ages, Greeks gave large sums of culture on the planet. Today;
Why do we have to deal with another tradition, which indeed comes from the other side of the world? For research? Out of curiosity; Because of historical-museum interest?
… Personally, approaching the Andean tradition, a few years ago, I met an open, vibrant vein, yet beating. There were no lost links. It is an indigenous, ancient tradition, which lived and worked through the Inca empire, and now preserved by their descendants. What I understood is that approaching an ancient tradition, you come more easily to perceive that the actual borders (of countries, attitudes, beliefs, races), is a case that did not actually concerned the pure traditions.

There were much in common, even if one nation was in the northern hemisphere and the other in the south. The same love, the same obsession for the Light. Other language of course. But similar aims. For us, Greeks, several links from the chain of our tradition seemed to be lost, for years. And here comes the challenge: Can you swim in the ancient river stream, so as to unlock its reasoning?
what I mean: Ancient cultures had a similar root. If you swim in this river and grab this root, then it is much easier to connect with your own tradition. Because –no need to lie- we are a people of major past heroes, philosophers, and scientists … but now nostalgic to their Height.

Let’s stop being nostalgic. It is time to decipher their wisdom. The Andean Tradition is one of the few traditions that maintained their links of the chain. Let’s appreciate it. It will not reduce the light of Socrates. Instead: With the spark of ancient wisdom, we will revisit Socrates.
Sometimes you have to travel to many parts of the world in order to feel nice in your own home …

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