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The Andean spiritual art reached its peak during the Inca empire (1100-1532 BC). The ancient tradition was preserved during the 500 years of the conquest by the Spaniards, and transmitted orally in Peru from generation to generation.
The traditional teachings of the Incas is a spiritual art, not a religious dogma. It is a tradition which teaches the “spiritual artists” on how to interact with the world of living energy. It does not come to contradiction with beliefs or religious practices and can easily work with other traditions. It is not a mechanical repetition of a teaching. It is simple, flexible and personal path of one’s life, an authentic tradition which honours Nature and is based on the realization that the world is made of living energy.

aiinyA few words on Ayni, the law of Reciprocity

“Whenever there is an appearance of Wiraqocha in the world, whenever he appears on someone, he has always one thing to say: Ayni Nakuichis (Practice the Ayni).
Ayni for the Incas is the only commandment – an advice of God, on what we should do, that is the only commandment for us. Every time he says “practice the ayni”, in fact he means “practice the law of reciprocity”. Actually, everything can be seen as an act of reciprocity. Whenever you think based on this commandment, you can see how better your life can become”.
(Iván Núñez del Prado, Athens 2013)

The law of reciprocity is a physical law, it is the way which the Universe communicates and works. It reminds us that, when you offer in a generous way, you are about to receive in a generous way. Whenever your intention is not pure, you should deal with the consequences of the lack of your purity.
When you offer, you open yourself to the possibility to receive something back. If you train yourself on giving and receiving, your life will become better. Because reciprocity will bring a new quality to our life.
2390b0_d00ac7fc983c4c488a791ae978b999a4“We see ayni in the same way we see gravity: you cannot avoid it. It always works. Always. If you let something fall on the ground, you can be sure that it will fall on the ground. The same way, any time you give something through your energy, it will always find a way to return to you. You will always receive from Universe, the quality of action you have offered. That is the reason our commandment is To Practice Ayni, to Be Aware of your Ayni”.
“If you are aware, if you observe ayni, you will see that whatever you do will always return to you. Be aware, because your actions are the ones to activate it – it is not your thoughts. The quality of your actions determines the quality of the energies you are about to receive from Universe. So, if you do something nice, light – the things which are about to return will be nice and light. But, on their way to you, they will become greater – this is one more quality of ayni. You may perform something small, but the things you are about to receive at the end, will be much greater than the things you gave. And it works the same way, with the lighter and the heavier actions…. Because everything happens wherever there is movement. This is the law of ayni”.

Kausay Puryi: Walking in the World of Living Energy

Kausay Puryi means “walking in the world of living energy”, and represents the Andean Tradition. Kausa (the living energy) is shared through the three worlds: hanaq pacha (the upper world, the residence of the metaphysical god), kay pacha (the world as we know it, nature), and uju pacha (the lower or inner world). Power is characterized as the ability to live inside kausa, to be, in a constant exchange with the law of Ayni (the law of reciprocity).
LA-CHAKANAKausa is the sharing energy. It is not performed apart from Ayni. It exists inside the Cosmic Mother (Pachamama), because it is living energy. The earth produces and offers as humans work on earth. The light, clear energy is called sami (nectar) and (in the same way with the realization of the law of Ayni) is exclusively located on hanaq pacha – it is mingled with the heavier energies in kay pacha – and much less exists in uju pacha. Heavy energy is called Jucha and it is the result of denial, accumulation, blockage of flow. It does not therefore characterizes “evil” – it is more the lack of the flow of energy. It is the energy which is not compatible with us.
The cosmovision of the Andean Tradition, the Inca Tradition, is really encouraging for our lives… because -as one can realize- when you acknowledge the problem, you can easily work on the solution.

Taripay Pacha: The era of the Inca prophecy

HATUNtaqeViracochaTaripay pacha is the era of the great transition. It is the meeting with our Self, the era of the awakened consciousness, the era of the personal development. You enter with our Whole Being, you enter in an absolute harmony with the Whole. The prophecy symbolically comments that this is the era in which the eagle of the north will fly together with the condor of the south, the era in which we will meet again. Most people know that the procedure of the transition and performance of this new era, has begun on 2012.

As don Juan and Ivan have mentioned, during a Hatun Karpay initiation on 2014 in Athens: “We are waiting for six men and six women to reach the 5th level, and they will appear on the twelve sacred sites of Peru. This team will meet inside the temple of Wiraqocha and during this meeting, two persons will promote to the 6th level, the level of Enlightenment. One woman, one man. And they will be the new Inca and Qolla.
And this is interesting, because there are many traditions which are waiting for the enlightened one to appear, but they all are waiting for a man to be enlightened. We are searching, and we are preparing ourselves, and we try, for a man and a woman to be promoted. As far as we know it is the first expectation for an enlightened woman. And this will happen during one meeting inside the temple of Wiraqocha, the ancient temple of the metaphysical god… We are not waiting, this is an important difference. We are preparing ourselves. We are supporting the arrival of what is about to come. We are not waiting for the Second Advent, we are preparing ourselves for the Return of the Inca…. We are preparing ourselves in a way which makes ourselves better, in a way we can reach a higher level, and the way of the preparation is to move through this direction”.

INCAtraditionPROFITIAA symbolic image related with the prophecy: The Sun (Inti) in the form of an eagle, lies on the back of the puma (Earth, Allpa), which stands on a snake (Galaxy). The astronomic symbolization refers to the alignment between Galaxy – Earth and Sun, which happened on 21 December of 2012.

A Few Words About Our Teachers

Juan Nuñez del Prado. Anthropologist, academic. He studied the tradition of the Incas and the Andes, the structure of the state and the worldview, from the Incas’  direct descendants. He teaches this tradition to the West, for more than twenty years and is the first teacher (along with Iván) who made this ancient tradition known  in countries outside of South America.

Iván Nuñez del Prado. Mechanical Engineer. He received his first initiation in the Andean Tradition when he was seven years old, and he was taught by the Elder masters. For more than twenty years he teaches the Tradition in Peru and around the world.


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