For those who have already approached the Andean worldview, but also for those who will encounter it for the first time, this workshop will be a revelation.

It directly responds to each one’s need for “change”. If you want to see change, you have to act differently.  


The “Path of the Mystic” for the first time in Crete, but also for the first time the important connection of the most ancient tradition of the Northern Hemisphere, with the ancient Wisdom of the Earth of the Southern Hemisphere, will take place, in the palace of Minos and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

A meeting of cultures, inside us and outside us… A deep meeting at our roots, where it all began!

March 11-13, Heraklion, Crete: The Path of the Mystic

March 14: Visit to the Palace of Minos

Participation fee: 550 euros


In this workshop we will learn about how we can change our perspective, removing veils, limiting perceptions, and the belief of weakness – as the ancient wisdom of the Andean Land, only speaks of our strength.

The ancient wisdom long predates the time of the Incas, but the Incas preserved it and today it is one of the few traditions that exist without the links of the chain being lost. It is a unique opportunity to receive from A to Z, an ancient knowledge that is as relevant and useful as ever.

Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado will give us the tradition in a concise and easy way.


There will also be time for therapeutic sessions, but priority order will be strictly observed, as time is limited, both in Crete and in Athens.