Three critical steps for a total-Reset: mental, spiritual, physical reset. “The spiritual art of the Andes: the secret path to Inner Force”.

The ancient knowledge of the Earth, in absolute immediacy by Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado.

Athens, June 14-21.



After a two-year absence, Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado return to Europe to teach the valuable tools of the spiritual art of the Andes. An art that is spiritual, but absolutely practical and handy, on a daily basis, in our lives.

DivineNEKTAR, adapting to the daily life we ​​all live, and trying to help us all not to lose, due to the financial situation, something of the concentrated “taste” of this important seminar, which can be an opportunity for a Total Reset of our daily life, informs that one can attend the seminar both as a whole and separately.

The program included in 7 days, apart from the main body of Andean teaching, also bears
* A despacho (a group offer – expression of our desire, which paves the way for its realization)
* The strongest and highest initiation Tuquymunaynioq (“the initiation of don Andres Espinosa”), which will be given FOR THE FIRST TIME!

The program is structured so that it is easy to reach the important “tools”, useful for a lifetime. Both for those who seek to help heal themselves or others, but also for those who seek to unblock a stagnation in their lives.




14 and 15 June (17.00 – 21.30).
What does it mean to be Paqo? The beginning of the Mystic awareness. The Apus, Pachamama, Mother Earth. [The Mystic can by himself observe the voice of nature].


June 16 (17.30 – 21.00).
Despacho day, where everyone can “bring” their desire for any issue in their life. We will learn how to make a traditional Andean despacho, but it will be an opportunity to promote our own wish.


June 17 (day for healing sessions with the masters).
Absolute order of priority will be observed due to the limited time.


June 18 and 19 (11.00 – 17.30, there will be a break at 13.00-14.00).
Our inner-energetic anatomy. Day of the unveiling of the “new” body. The path of the Mystic’s heart. All healing methods are based on this pathway of the heart. Healing through the alchemy of Love.
[Very powerful tools will be given, for the reconciliation with our past – the reconciliation with the our environment. But, at the end of this teaching, the strongest initiation of munay will be given for the first time. An initiation given for the first time outside Peru, but also to students in a seminar].


June 20 and 21 (17.30 – 21.30)

The female source of creative Magic in nature, in the hands of the Mystic becomes a tool to solve the problems that concern him.

[A way to immediately find the solutions you are looking for, for any issue].


The seminar will take place in the area of ​​Dafni – Agios Dimitrios, right next to the METRO.

The cost of the entire seminar is 650 euros.
The cost of each two days is 250 euros.
The cost for the day of the despacho (for someone who will not attend another day of the seminar), is 150 euros.

At the end of the seminar, certificates will be given signed by the masters.

Contact for any information at,, or at 6971806490.