Healer’s and friend’s Festival


The Healers' and Friends' Festival was first organized in 2014 and has been held once a year since then.The festival, always with free admission, is addressed to all friends, and to healers of all kinds of healing arts.The healers provide free well-being tips to facilitate our daily lives, and provide participants with easy and useful

Karuna Reiki


Karuna is an act of mercy. An act of love. An action performed in order to stop the suffering. Is a word of Sanskrit root. The Karuna Reiki was created much later than the traditional reiki of Ushui. Its purpose is to proceed to a deeper healing, for psychological issues for example, in order to heal wounds. You act with the voice,

Ushui Reiki


REIKI INITIATIONS, First, Second and Third Degrees Reiki as we know it, is a therapeutic method based on the guidance of the Energy, developed by master-Ushui. In ancient Hellas, we used to call it “the Everlasting Fire” (Heracletus). It is an accessible and easy method (as long as someone wants to devote time to

Therapeutic Theatre “Thiassos”


We loved Theatre from the seats as spectators and we received our personal initiation inside its holy breath, in the twilight of the performances. Actors have charmed us, guided us to a journey, also led us to a research for our inner Self. Now..? By searching the first steps of Theatre, we met the holy



Following the Ancient Greek programme of the Symposiums, as it has been saved until now, meetings with specific subject of discussion are organized, using recipes from Ancient Greece and the… typical protocol! The participants are chosen based on the topic of discussion. Find the programme of the Symposiums and apply in the following email address: info@nektarflow.gr.