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Do it like a Paqo!


Do it Like a Paqo is a series of courses of the «Incas Tradition School in Hellas», by DivineNEKTAR. It is a series of 1-hour (online) courses, which aim to introduce us to the practical

Do it like a Paqo!2021-06-26T12:22:00+02:00

Gaea Welcomes Pachamama


March 10-22, 2020 After centuries, we will light the holy fire of Gaea in Athens. We were holding offerings in our hands and now it is time to leave them in Her holy fire. Following

Gaea Welcomes Pachamama2020-01-20T11:06:56+02:00

The Ancient Wisdom of the Andes in the modern world


An interview: Juan & Ivan Nunez del PradoJuan & Ivan Nunez del Prado, you are two modern people, born in an especiallymulticolored South American country. Two people of the modern era who teachan ancient tradition,

The Ancient Wisdom of the Andes in the modern world2019-12-30T11:23:07+02:00

The enlightened couple


International Paqo Meeting 2022 in Peru Would you like to be one of those 144 people who will prepare for the Golden Age and join in this special event? One of the

The enlightened couple2021-06-24T11:11:06+02:00

An interview with Juan & Iván Nuñez del Prado to Nektar


Based on the prophecy of the Incas, we are living in the period of its manifestation; namely the period preceding the appearance of the Golden Age. But things in our world seem very difficult. People

An interview with Juan & Iván Nuñez del Prado to Nektar2019-11-12T23:59:59+02:00

Live your best Self!


Six workshops by Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado aim to provide solutions to basic problems that concern our lives in a practical and radical way. You can see the 9-day programme here :

Live your best Self!2020-01-20T09:57:47+02:00

Hatun Karpay, Peru 2019


HATUN KARPAY is the Great Initiation, a series of rituals - practices given by the priest-teacher to the student-paqo, of the Andean tradition. The sequence of these practices, as preserved through the lineage of priests-teachers

Hatun Karpay, Peru 20192019-11-12T23:58:02+02:00