Our Masters JUAN NUNEZ DEL PRADO Juan Nunez del Prado graduated as Antrpologist and Archeologist of the university San Antonio Abad of Cusco, where he also was a Profesor until 1997. read more IVAN NUNEZ DEL PRADO Ivan Núñez del Prado is the son of Juan Núñez del Prado

Andean Healing Methods


In the Andean tradition, this ancient art that was preserved by the Incas and their descendants, you never work alone. Thus we were told by our teachers, and thus it is confirmed every time we come across this respectable path. A treatment of the soul and the mind, relaxation, reconnection with Nature and the Metaphysical.

Tradition of the Andes


The Andean spiritual art reached its peak during the Inca empire (1100-1532 BC). The ancient tradition was preserved during the 500 years of the conquest by the Spaniards, and transmitted orally in Peru from generation to generation. The traditional teachings of the Incas is a spiritual art, not a religious dogma. It is a

Incas: History & Origin


In Peru, this area of the Andes in South America, we meet one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the one of Caral (30th century BC until 18th century BC). After the decline of this civilization, the one of Chavin flourished. For the civilization of Chavin, the religious centre was far more important than the

A few words on the Prophecy of the Incas


" … The message of the Andean Tradition is another language – it is the language of Prophecy. The provision comes through knowledge, through science. But emotions can predict something similar. When you project your feelings to the past, you produce mythology. When you project into the future, you produce Prophecy – not predictions.

Inca Tradition School


The system of the practices of the Andean Tradition consists of Three Paths, which aim to help us realize the flow of the living energy, our connection with Nature, the exchange of energy with other people and -finally- the basic rules of Wellbeing. The Right Path The Right Path is called “the Path of

from the Mythology of the Incas


In the beginning there was only darkness. Wiraqocha created the Earth and then the Moon, which gave light to theEarth. In order to populate the Earth he created the Niaoupas (the ancient ones), and gave them His powers. The Niaoupas were very strong; they could flatten the mountains and shape the whole environment. They

Connect with the Andean Tradition… Why?


We hear this question quite often. People like ours, the Greek people, have an ancient history that goes back on numbers and ages, Greeks gave large sums of culture on the planet. Today;Why do we have to deal with another tradition, which indeed comes from the other side of the world? For research? Out of