HATUN KARPAY is the Great Initiation, a series of rituals – practices given by the priest-teacher to the student-paqo, of the Andean tradition.

The sequence of these practices, as preserved through the lineage of priests-teachers of the Inca tradition (Peru), to our days, passed to Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado, and it is a great fortune that we can also receive in its authentic form.

Hatun Karpay is given to power places, and in this case we will travel to Peru in order to receive the Great Initiation in the power-places around Cuzco.

The program of Hatun Karpay as announced by Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado, is as follows.

For 2019 NEKTAR focuses on CHAUPI HATUN KARPAY (pilgrimage at Qoylloriti is included, in the Sinak’ara valley, mount Ausangate) …

For any further questions about our team trip, please contact soqtantin@gmail.com or info@nektarflow.gr.

For the other hatun karpay programmes or any other question, you can contact semilladelinka@gmail.com (Ivan).

(Note: This event is just a call, from NEKTAR to those who wish to participate, as each financial contribution is purely for the teachings and what is mentioned below as “included” in the costs).