The system of the practices of the Andean Tradition consists of Three Paths, which aim to help us realize the flow of the living energy, our connection with Nature, the exchange of energy with other people and -finally- the basic rules of Wellbeing.

The Right Path

The Right Path is called “the Path of the Mystic”. Its aim is to connect us with the energies that exist outside our sphere, requesting the Height and the Spirit. We will realize the way the “heavy energy” is created. In this way we will be able to expel all heavy energies from our lives.

The Middle Path

The Middle Path is called “Social”, and its aim is to recreate or upgrade our relations with other people, our society, any relation in our life. We can realize the exchange of energy and we become conscious on giving and receiving.

The Left Path

The Left Path is called (euphemistically) “magic”, as its aim is to solve personal issues, to support and strengthen our inner power, to reconsider our limits. With the Left Path it is much more easier for one to decide, to measure his abilities and to take every advantage of one’s potential.

All three Paths will be taught, exactly in the same way we received them from our teachers, the descendants of the knowledge of the Inca tradition, without any blending with the new age fashion.

You will be taught how to establish your inner peace under all kinds of circumstances, how to touch Well-being. You will learn how to solve practical issues, how to find solutions on matters of concern, and stay connected with Nature. Throughout this Spiritual Art – which is called Pujllay (in quechua dialect): A game.

For the healers, or whoever aims to work as a healer…
This Path will help in a certain way ourselves, but can be proven to be a useful tool in the hands of a healer – as it can offer new fields of deepening and realization, on understanding the issues that need to be solved.