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In the beginning there was only darkness. Wiraqocha created the Earth and then the Moon, which gave light to theEarth. In order to populate the Earth he created the Niaoupas (the ancient ones), and gave them His powers. The Niaoupas were very strong; they could flatten the mountains and shape the whole environment. They lived under the light of the moon. Under these conditions they created the first civilization – the civilization of the Niaoupas. Wiraqocha was satisfied. He descended to Earth; he wanted to give more powers to the Niaoupas. But when he met them they refused to receive his ayni. Wiraqocha saw that something was not working properly withhis creation. He was God, so continuously creates and evolves. He, then, decided to create the Sun. The Niaoupas,bothered by the bright light of the Sun (as they had become accustomed to the soft light of the moon), hid in lakes,caves and springs, and eventually ended up living under the Earth. So the Earth was again empty. Wiraqocha thenmade clay figurine couples, in various shapes and colours, with different clothes, and put them in caves, springsand rocks everywhere. Then he called the fire that woke up the volcanoes – they lit and baked the clay couplesgiving them life. Humans were the first child of Wiraqocha. They came out from where they were placed andformed groups. Wiraqocha then created Inkarri and Collari under the water of Lake Titicaca to guide the groups ofpeople and improve their standard of living. He taught them and gave them a golden staff. He told them that theyhad to travel and throw, every now and then, the staff in the air, in order to make it stand upright, completelyvertically to the ground. This would be the point where they should create a city and culture. They travelled toplaces throwing their staff, but it always fell sideways. However, they were in a hurry to build the city. Theyreached a mountain that was next to a jungle. They threw their staff up and it almost stood vertically. This seemedright. They met the people who were living there, the Qeros. They began to build the state, however Wiraqochathought again that something was not working properly with ayni, because they did not exactly do what they weretold. He met Niaoupas again and gave them his powers. They came out from the Earth and got to where the peoplewere constructing their buildings. They began to throw stones and to scare people. The Couple returned to Titicacalake to decide what they should do next. They remembered that the problem had to do with the staff, which had toreturn completely vertically to the Earth and began travelling to the north. They reached a plain that was at the rootof a mountain. There they threw their staff, and saw it return completely vertically. They met the people there andthey taught them. Together they founded the city of the kingdom, Cusco. They became the first king and queen(this was around the 10th century). They taught their powers and founded the dynasty of the kings. The firsthumans had the power of Wiraqocha which was the llankay and could work well with the matter. The royal couplebrought the power of munay.One of the descendants of the couple, Wiraqocha Inca met god Wiraqocha himself and after that ruled by his name.Once, a barbarian tribe (the Chankas), travelling from the north, reached the kingdom destroying everything.Wiraqocha Inca and his successor Urko Inca decided to leave. They left the second son behind, Titukusi, to helpdefend the kingdom (that was another act where ayni did not work properly). Titukusi was only 18 years old, so the people did not obey him. Titukusi had a girlfriend, Chanan Qori Qoqa,which advised him to seek the help of Wiraqocha himself, the god of his father. They travelled to the Golden Lake(qori) and asked the god for help. A light covered them and when they came back to the kingdom, they wereemitting light. People anointed Titukusi as their new king, so ayni was again restored. He received the namePachacuti Inca (1438). He organized the defense of the kingdom and, along with Chana Qori Qoqa, fought at theforefront. They defeated the barbarians, and the bravest of them became their bodyguard protectors. They re-organized the city of Cusco and the kingdom began to grow slowly, as an empire. For the next three generations,the King was enlightened, so was his son and his grandson. The grandson of Pachacuti Inca, Wayna Qapaq, was the ruler, but again ayni was not working properly. The royalhouses (12 families) had pride.So Wiraqocha, in the early 16th century, intervened again and created the Western people, giving them the powerof yachay. When Europeans reached the Titicaca Lake, diseases spread and the king and his successor fell ill anddied. The people had to proclaim elections and chose Huascar Inka for the throne. But the other son, Atawalpa, alsoclaimed the throne. When the civil war was coming to an end, the Spaniards approached. They arrested the firstson, who gave them instructions to arrest and kill his brother: another act where the ayni was not working properly.The Spaniards (the third child) ruled for 500 years. After these years of living together, Wiraqocha intervenedagain .He then called his three children and advised them about the ayni. They had to share their powers in order to be equal and possess all three forces.This is Taripay Pacha. With the combination of intellectual knowledge, Activity and Love, one can see that he carries the seed of the Inca, so he is an Inca King.So he behaves to people as if they were emperors and empresses…

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