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Project Description

REIKI INITIATIONS, First, Second and Third Degrees
Reiki as we know it, is a therapeutic method based on the guidance of the Energy, developed by master-Ushui.

In ancient Hellas, we used to call it “the Everlasting Fire” (Heracletus).

It is an accessible and easy method (as long as someone wants to devote time to themselves first; and then to apply it to others).
The initiations of the first, second and third degree of Usui system (the authentic and traditional system), are applied through practices and intermediate training sessions. We do not proceed with the next degree, unless the therapist is ready to receive it.

We work on this ancient and authentic method with major respect, as appropriate to the Universal Energy, which is our Life itself.


After the initiation of the first degree, we can feel the energy flowing in our hands. It is essential to remember that this energy does not come from our field – it is the energy of the Universe which uses our field as a channel. The experience is immediate, and it is therapeutic. We learn the therapeutic touch, we learn diagnosis. It is essential to dedicate some time to treat ourselves, before moving on to touch another being.


After the initiation of the second degree, we can feel the energy of another person, even if he is away from our field of vision. We can support the energy someone we know he needs help. This degree, this level of Usui system, is an opening to a new world …


With the third degree, we validate our knowledge, and we can now give initiations. This is the «master» level.

Our principle is not to proceed to the next level, if the healer has not the complete experience of each degree. For this reason, we organize intermediate practice sessions, diagnostics and therapeutics.

The initiations are given individually or in groups.

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