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Juan Nunez del Prado graduated as Antrpologist and Archeologist of the university San Antonio Abad of Cusco, where he also was a Profesor until 1997.

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Ivan Núñez del Prado is the son of Juan Núñez del Prado and has been working with him for many years. Like his father, he found himself drawn to the Inka religion, the Inka culture.

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Elizabeth B. Jenkins the writer of The Return of the Inca: A Journey of Initiation and Inca Prophecies, is a licensed psychotherapist, cultural investigator and worldwide teacher of the Inca tradition.
In 1988, Jenkins traveled to Peru, where she experienced a spiritual awakening, which she described in her spiritual autobiographies. During this time she met the man who would become her teacher and guide, Juan Nunez del Prado, the foremost expert on the Andean Mystical Tradition. In 1990 she received the Hatun Karpay – The Great Initiation Ritual.
In 1997, with the publication of her first book, she independently facilitated her first Hatun Karpay. Since then, Jenkins has initiated close to 1,000 people, becoming a skilled, spiritually proficient and an adept Inka guide.


The highest priest, teacher and healer of the Q’ero of Peru, at the moment, bears the title of altomishayoq (the holder of high misha). He is literally a guardian of this tradition, the bearer of knowledge of the ancient Andean tradition.


The son of Martin Quispe Machacca, bearer of the title Pampamishayoq, he is an excellent healer and keeper of the knowledge of healing of the tradition of the Andes. He shares his knowledge and art all over Europe.

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